Artisan Jewelry for Any Time of Day

What is a “social necklace”? 

Sure, our designs look like regular bib necklaces in shape, and we love it when you describe them as statement necklaces. But we feel that “social necklaces” really sums them up. Why? Well, you’ll find out when you wear one — a real compliment magnet, these colorful, handmade necklaces start a conversation every time. And they’re sociable in all kinds of company. Whether you wear yours with a simple tee and jeans for day, or with a little black dress for evening, our social necklaces look good with everything. Lightweight and versatile, they make the perfect travel jewelry too.

Fun jewelry that everyone can wear

Are you allergic to metal jewelry? Don’t worry; we got you. It’s something I can relate to; everything except gold and silver gives me a rash. So we’ve made sure that Mom&I necklaces are comfortable to wear. All our necklaces have a crochet base, so there is no metal next to your skin, and there are two snap fastenings for an adjustable fit. And while they look heavy, you’ll be amazed at how light these handmade necklaces feel. Because we don’t use any metal in their construction — it’s just crochet and beading — most of our designs weigh in at just 0.1 lb.

Small batch production

Who doesn’t like to feel unique? At Mom&I, we know you love to stand out, which is why we make our necklaces in very small batches. Our necklaces are all made entirely by hand. Each one takes nine hours to complete, and we only make five of each design. Not only have we found that this is the optimum number for reducing waste, but it also means that when you buy a necklace from Mom&I, it truly is a limited edition. You need to be quick, though, if you love a particular design — because when they’re gone, they’re gone.