About us

Ezgi Kaya is a jewelry designer based in Alexandria, Virginia. Started their brand Seyyah with her mother, Neslihan, the mother and daughter duo get their inspiration from their travels around the world and the paintings of their favorite painters.

Seyyah is a brand of bold, unique, and colorful accessories. Traveling the world, they always admire the unique mix of color and texture each city offers. Their designs are all about celebrating this harmony of color and texture.

As Ezgi continues to design and make the pieces in their collections in her studio in Alexandria, VA, Neslihan continues to live in Turkey and run their small studio there. As a women-owned business their mission is to provide opportunities to other women in their community.

Traditionally, women in Turkey didn’t work outside the home, and opportunities for this older generation are still scarce. Their talented artisans can develop and show off their skills at Seyyah studio. While they are able to work at their own pace, they are paid a fair wage to support their families.