What is Next?

What is Next?


At Mom&I by EK, we have only our designs available online right now. We have started with necklaces. We will have bracelets and anklets soon for the summer. My mom was the only artisan when we first started. Now my aunts and another two women have joined our team. We hope to grow more soon!

We will host guest artists and sister brands on our website to support other women making the world a better place with their amazing work. And, yes ladies, we are stronger together.

Soon we will have our first guest artist joining us on our website. It’s quite exciting! Anna Yakubovskaya is a fiber artist. She makes beautiful silk shawls, dresses, and paintings. She is at studio 302 at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA. Her studio has this beautiful view of Potomac and always calm and peaceful with the fairy silk paintings on the wall. If you are visiting the DC area, you should absolutely visit her studio and other artists’ at the TFAC.

"My passion is working with textiles, especially silk painting. I've always wanted to do something which would bring happiness to people. This is why I chose applied art as a vocation. Wearable art is especially unique- it brightens the life of not only the wearer but of those nearby as well. 
Just as every person is an individual, no two silk creations are completely alike. A hand-painted shawl is a timeless treasure that can be worn and cherished from generation to generation."

Anna Yakubovskaya

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