Hello World!

Hello World!


Welcome to Mom&I by EK. My name is Ezgi Kaya (a.k.a. EK) and I am the founder of this new initiative. This is our first blog post!

Since we’ve started our journey early this year, it has been really hectic. I am facing new challenges and learning new things pretty much every day.

I can say that starting a new business is anything but boring. It’s frustrating, maybe disappointing, but also really exciting, rewarding and fun. There are some days I feel like I don’t know anything,  and on some other days, I am creative as I’ve never been before. Sometimes, it takes me hours to pick a photo to post on Instagram, some other times I can plan a week’s posts in an hour. Overall, starting a business has been an amazing experience so far, and hopefully, it will continue to be. (Fingers crossed!)

I have been planning to start a blog ever since the first day we launched Mom&I by EK. I’d like to write about the challenges I face in this process and introduce the women artisans we work with. Also, there will be interviews with artists and I want to share some articles on women empowerment, fashion revolution, and fair trade.

Once again, welcome!

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