Our Values: Necklaces That Give Back 

Committed to empowering women

MOM&I is a family business. My mom and I were quickly joined by two of my aunts, and we now have an additional four women on the team. We’re proud to be providing employment opportunities for women in their 40s and 50s — our artisans are all moms, and for most of them, this is the first paid work they have ever had. Traditionally, women in Turkey didn’t work outside the home, and — while it’s no longer the case for younger women, who can now enjoy their own careers — opportunities for this older generation are still scarce. Thanks to MOM&I, our talented artisans have finally been given the chance to develop and show off their skills; they are able to work at their own pace, and are paid a fair wage for the work that they do.

The Cats of Istanbul

We love cats. In Turkey, cats are everywhere. If you have a friend visiting the country, be prepared to flip through a ton of cat photos when they get back. So naturally, we created a Cats of Istanbul necklace collection inspired by our favorite animal. If you look closely at these bib necklaces, you can see that the two triangles at the front resemble cat’s eyes, while the longer beads beneath are the “whiskers”.  We’re so grateful to the cats of Istanbul that we were determined to give something back to these beautiful creatures. So every time you order a necklace from our Cats of Istanbul collection, we donate 5 lbs of cat food to a shelter in the city.

My aunt takes care of the stray cats in her neighborhood. There is a mother cat that brings her kittens to her garden every year. 

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